CCB is a pioneer and leader in purchasing and filing of securities and antitrust class action claims on behalf of institutional investors and corporate clients in the United States and Europe.


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Claim Filing and Case Monitoring

CCB maintains the industry’s most comprehensive database of more than 4,400 settled class actions. This database contains information on more than 20 years of class action cases. Once your organization becomes a client, we will monitor all class action settlements on your organizations behalf, ensuring your organization will not miss any future potential recoveries. We analyze your company’s data to file complete and timely claims to maximize recoveries.

Retroactive Filing

CCB performs all of the necessary steps to recover the maximum amount of recoveries our clients are entitled to receive. One of our most valuable services is our unique “catch up” phase during which we compare a client’s transactions against hundreds of old cases with expired claim filing deadlines. We immediately identify old cases for our new clients in order to quickly file claims in those cases.

Claims Purchasing

We offer immediate recovery for claimants who might otherwise wait years for possible recoveries. This service works especially well for hedge funds that have closed or anticipate closing, allowing these funds the ability to maximize current distributions to investors.


Our fee structure is tailored to the scope of services requested by each client. We can customize various types of consulting arrangements to meet each client’s needs.