Claims filing process made easy.

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100% of our clients’ claims are filed and tracked until paid.

Comprehensive action on class action.

We pioneered the industry of filing class action claims.


Proprietary database

Coverage of all types of securities and antitrust products with more than 4,400 cases representing over $240 million in gross recoveries since 2010.

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Core Values

All employees share a common set of values and commitments that define how we treat each other, how we relate to our customers, and the responsibilities we have to shareholders, regulators, clients, and others. Simply put, they’re the principles that reflect our company’s culture, why CCB was started, and who we are today. Our goal is for every CCB employee to personalize and live these shared values—because they are guidelines for everything we do.

  • Committed to always doing our best work.
  • Accountable for our actions.
  • Respectful in our interactions with each other.
  • Ethical in every situation.
  • Successful because we work together as a team.