Maximizing Class Action Recoveries

Covering over $25 billion in settlements so you don't miss out.

At CCB we are experienced, organized, and efficient. Because of our stellar reputation as the industry leader in recovering class action funds, we have been retained by some of the largest institutions in the world. By signing up for our comprehensive claims filing service, you also receive our free, proprietary monitoring program.

When we detect cases for which you may be eligible, our team of experts will analyze and determine the most beneficial way to file the claims. We start by compiling and analyzing our clients' transactional data, and then we complete necessary claim forms and supporting documentation. We also handle all follow-up correspondence, making sure nothing will delay your claim and your recovery.

Proprietary Monitoring System Ensures Maximum Recoveries

CCB maintains the industry's most comprehensive database of over 1,900 settled class actions. This database contains information on over 15 years of class action cases. Once you become a client, we will monitor all class action settlements on your behalf, ensuring you won't miss any future potential recoveries.