Partial $85M Settlement in The Air Cargo Antitrust Class Action
CCB, 8/01/2008

There has been a partial $85 million settlement of the Air Cargo Class Action. Settlement proceeds will be distributed among class members who purchased airfreight shipping services from any air cargo carrier (including those that shipped through a freight forwarder) for shipments within, to or from the United States from January 1, 2000 to September 11, 2006. 

Plaintiffs, on behalf of the class, seek billions in damages from dozens of major international airlines. Plaintiffs claim that Defendants participated in a global conspiracy to fix prices charged for air cargo shipping services. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants violated the antitrust laws by, among other things, conspiring to fix, raise, maintain or stabilize prices by imposing fraudulent surcharges (such as fuel and security surcharges) on bills for air cargo shipping.

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