CCB performs claim filing services in two major areas: securities class actions and antitrust class actions. Because we have been providing these services for many years and for every different type of company, we are experienced with the unique claim filing challenges and nuances for each business segment. Whether your company currently files claims or not, our comprehensive services including a retroactive review of old cases, will ensure the maximum recoveries for your business.

Securities Clients

Hedge Funds & Proprietary Trading Firms

CCB has represented several of the country's largest hedge funds and proprietary trading firms over the past 12 years. Our team of professionals, including CPAs, former class action attorneys and former professional traders, has filed thousands of claims leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries. This unique combination of abilities as well as having filed claims in more cases over a longer period of time than any other firm, makes CCB the smart choice for your claim filing needs.

Market Makers & Specialists

CCB has represented many of the largest market makers and specialists for many years. Our ability to process millions of trades in an efficient manner for these clients allows us to file even the largest claims on a timely basis.

Mutual Funds, Endowment Funds, Trust Companies,
Custodians, Investment Managers & Pension Funds

CCB will ensure that you are maximizing assets for your investors and/or clients by recovering eligible funds. We are familiar with the complexities of compiling trade data from multiple sources caused by a switch in custodians as well as the coordination of claim filing responsibilities between investment managers and custodians. We also provide reports showing the allocations to each client of all recovered funds.

Antitrust and Price Fixing Clients

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, & Retailers

Many of our clients in these industries have offices, plants or subsidiaries located throughout North America and Europe. While the vast majority of antitrust cases are based in the United States, there have been an increasing number of antitrust settlements in other countries. Our thorough and detailed review process makes sure that each location (including those obtained through mergers and acquisitions) gets included in the claims filing process.

Construction, Transportation, & Utilities

We help some of the largest companies that build the backbone of the US infrastructure with all their claim filing needs. We have taken a leadership role in assisting our clients in navigating the antitrust settlements that have impacted these industries over the years. We have the experience and resources to comb through tens of thousands of transactions and identify which transactions are eligible for recoveries in the hundreds of cases we monitor on a daily basis. Whether the data comes from your company's current databases, archived systems, third party software applications or hard copy invoices, we will be able to efficiently process the information to ensure your company receives the maximum amount of class action recoveries to which it is entitled.

Agriculture, Technology & Healthcare

There have been an increasing number of large class action settlements that impact these industries. By using our company to monitor and file claims on your behalf you will ensure that your company does not miss out on these recoveries. From tracking past and current class actions to extrapolating claim values when all the relevant data is no longer available, our services ensure that each entity is receiving the maximum amount to which each company is entitled.