Client Success Stories

CCB provides the most comprehensive class action filing services available. At CCB, we understand all of the difficulties in monitoring, researching, preparing and filing class action claim forms. Here are just a few examples of how our services have greatly benefited our clients.

Securities Clients

Multiple Large Recoveries for a Client That
Did Not Want to Research and File Claims In-house

We were contacted by the president of a large trading firm who had received numerous class action notices over the years. He did not wish to interrupt his staff with the task of researching its voluminous trading records and preparing the claim forms. He had been referred to us by an existing client who had recently received a large check for a claim we filed. We first reviewed all of the old class actions (over 100) to see if we could recover funds in some of the cases with expired filing deadlines. We then reviewed all of the current cases. We were able to find over 20 class actions in which his firm was eligible to recover money. We filed all of these old claims leading to recoveries in excess of $1 million. In addition, we continued filing claims on a current basis resulting in a recurring stream of class action recoveries.

Recoveries In Excess of $10 Million for a Client
That Was Not Going to File a Claim

We contacted a large trading firm about using our services. The company told us it had a claim it was not going to file because it did not think it had an eligible loss. We asked if we could review the trading records and file a claim if we determined that it actually had an eligible claim. After reviewing the documentation, we found that a claim form should be filed and recovered over $50,000 for the client. After signing up for our services and reviewing the rest of the client's records, we were able to file many other claims which resulted in recoveries in excess of $10 million.

Recovery in Excess of $200,000 for
a Client That Never Received a Claim Form

We were contacted by an individual who traded large positions in several stocks. He had moved a few times and had never received a Class Action Notice or Claim Form for a case involving a stock in which he had lost a great deal of money. At that point it was several months after the filing deadline and he was worried that it would be too late to file a claim and recover any funds.

We sprung into action and immediately reviewed the client's voluminous trading records. Within 24 hours we had analyzed all of the records and completed the claim form. We then attached a letter explaining the reasons for the late filing and followed up with the claims administrator to make sure the claim would be accepted. This client ended up receiving a check in excess of $200,000.

Antitrust and Price Fixing Clients

Client's Claim Increased by Over $70 Million

We contacted a company eligible to recover under a specific class action settlement. Defendants' records showed eligible purchases of $200,000. The company decided not to file based on this low figure. We convinced it to allow us to investigate and we succeeded in increasing the value of its claim from $200,000 to over $70 million. At times, information provided by defendants can be inaccurate and incomplete. We have many methods to arrive at accurate figures and provide our clients with the maximum recovery they are entitled to receive.

Retroactive Claims Filing Service
Leads to Significant Recoveries

We were contacted by a Fortune 500 company that had received a very low recovery for a claim it filed on its own. This client was unaware of the many intricacies involved in this particular case, including the need to file more than one claim form because of supplemental settlements. Our firm immediately began the claim filing process in order to file the necessary documents for the missing claims in time. Because of our quick response in retroactively filing the additional claim forms, multiple significant recoveries were received. We have since filed claims on behalf of this client in many current cases and have received several six figure recoveries on its behalf.

Discovery of Missing Data
Leads to a Vastly Increased Claim

A large company recently became one of our clients. The client was especially interested in our class action monitoring service because it had many business units and no tracking system in place. The client had already put together the material for one class action and was about to file its claim using the $1 million in relevant purchases it had found. When we received the company's records, we double-checked its figures for all relevant business units and discovered that its eligible purchases were actually $8 million and not $1 million. If the company had not signed up with us, it would have missed out on the majority of what it was entitled to under the settlement.