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Continuing a History of Class Action Leadership and Innovation

We became the industry leader by recognizing that many institutions and individuals were either not filing claims for which they were eligible or not maximizing their recoveries. Founded by Brad Heffler in 1996 to ensure that institutions and individuals do not miss potential settlements and large recoveries, we continue to set the standard within the field and we continue to grow. CCB is now a wholly owned subsidiary of PRA Group (Nasdaq: PRAA), an industry leader well-positioned to help us continue to grow and develop new service offerings. Both companies share similar cultures and similar management philosophies and we believe that the acquisition gives CCB additional resources and capabilities that will greatly benefit our clients.

Our experienced claims team includes CPAs, finance professionals, attorneys and research staff. We monitor all types of class action settlements to ensure that every possible claim is accurately filed on behalf of our clients so that they receive the maximum amount of class action recoveries.

A wealth of knowledge

CCB's management team brings comprehensive expertise to the detailed investigation and analysis of records, the completion of complex claim forms and the preparation and submission of the appropriate documentation in order to recover all class action funds.

  • We are able to efficiently and effectively process vast amounts of electronic data.
  • We have systems to receive and process large quantities of paper records which allows us to handle older class actions for which electronic data might not be available.
  • Procedures are in place to ensure that clients' transactional data and paper documents are handled with the highest levels of confidentiality.

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